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          Many Post Offices were actually in families homes, some were named after the person being the postmaster, and it was not unusual for the post office to change it’s location during its duration, sometimes this was due to another person becoming postmaster.  Mail was brought in a box-type wagon; the families had a wooden cubicle box that they used in their homes/business when they were the postmasters.



Halton – 3/27/1878 –2/6/1882 -  SE/4 8-11-20 

          First Postmaster – Orris D Eaton

Halton was renamed to Mendota, when Mr. Hallock took over being postmaster in 1882.             


Mendota – 2/6/1882 –11/20/1909 - NW/4 6-11-20

          First Postmaster – Harvey M Hallock

Was the Halton Post Office; the name changed to Mendota when Mr. Hallock became postmaster.  On Jan 1, 1885 the postmaster, Hiram D Parmenter requested it be moved from SE/4 8-11-20 to NW/4 6-11-20.  In 1893, Harvey M Hallock, once again postmaster, Mendota was even located in Trego County for a time, located at NW4 24-11-21.  Then in 1904 it was moved back into Ellis County to N2 NW4 18-11-20 with William A.R. Walz, postmaster.




Wiles – 2/28/1903 – 8/31/1909 - NE/4 20-11-19

          First Postmaster – Albert A Wiles

When established it was located on NE4 20-11-19 which was just across the road (now known as Riverview Road) from the Riverview School.




Martin – 4/19/1875-4/14/1894 - S/2 (near intersection of Saline River Rd & Hwy 183) 10-11-16

          First Postmaster – Phranda Robinson

                    Martin was located on the NW4 of 10-11-18 when first established.   The locals

Asked to use the name Stanton, but the postal department refused; they then asked for Martin Center and the postal officials shortened it to Martin. By March 3, 1885 the office was located on SE/4 SW/4 of 10-11-18 with the postmaster being F.E. Randell.

Note: The post office closed just five days short of it’s 19th anniversary.




Turkville –10/14/1875-1/31/1918 - S/2 of 7-11-16

          First Postmaster- Benjamin N Turk

The Post Office was located at SE4 NE4 11-11-17 (the residence of Ben N Turk) when established. Turkville PO moved several times during its duration.  After the first location it was moved to the following; SE4 SW4 10-11-17 in 1886 w/Henry P Mock, NW4 NE4 10-11-17, NE4 NW4 14-11-17 in 1889 w/Edward E Wasson to name a few.  On April 7, 1900, a receipt was written by JH Gumble, Postmaster of  Turkville Post Office to newly appointed Postmaster Albert L Hobbs that postage stamps, postal cards, stamped envelopes, newspaper wrappers etc. valued at $62.95 cents were annexed at the time with RA Gumble being witness to such exchange. Finally at the closure it was located on SE4 7-11-17. It was located on the east side of a small creek that ran to the east of what is known as Turkville School.

(Provided by James Rasmussen, related to the Gumble’s)

Turkville Post Office Receipt Dated April 7, 1900 From JH Gumble to Albert L Hobbs



Finch – 2/14/1907 – 10/31/1908 – SW/4 16-11-16

          First Postmaster – Orman H Finch

When first established it was located in SW4 16-11-16 near the Albrecht School.  Mr. Finch had asked for the name to be School Creek but the Post Office Department used Mr. Finch’s last name instead.




Sweetwater – 2/28/1883 – 1/13/1885 - NW/4 28-11-16

          First Postmaster – Mrs. CM Philbrick

When Mrs. Philbrick first established the post office it was located on NW4 28-11-16, by the time it closed it was located on NW4 35-11-16.









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