Miscellaneous News Items


The Plainville Times – Thursday, March 22, 1888

Eugene King has purchased W. W. Delay’s homestead south of town.

Nathan Shores will move with his family to his ranch on the Saline the last of this week.

The Plainville Times – Thursday, May 3, 1888

A son of Hiram Wisner, who had just returned from Colorado, was arrested Monday, charged with stealing clothing from a vacant dwelling of Mr. Rankin, a cattle man living on the Saline. Sherriff McClain came up from Ellis Tuesday and secured the prisoner. The offense will probably cause young Wisner a trip to Leavenworth.

The Plainville Times – Thursday, July 12, 1888

J. N. McCarroll, of Motor vicinity, mingled with the throng on our streets last Monday.

The Plainville Times – Thursday, July 19, 1888

Born – Monday, July 2, 1888 to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Hoffman of Saline Township, a son and a daughter, weight of boy, eight pounds, weight of girl, seven pounds. Dr. Freeman reports that this is the third pair of twins born to Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman during the past five years. He also reports the whole family doing well.

Last Thursday afternoon a party of young people from Plainville met at the home of Nathan Shores on the Saline to celebrate the birthday of Miss Florence. Soon after the arrival, the party repaired to a shady grove to partake; picnic fashion, of a bountiful supply of good things which the girls had prepared for the occasion. The evening was spent in playing croquet and other games after which the party returned home leaving Miss Florence a beautiful ring as a mimento of the esteem of her many friends, and of the pleasant hours occasioned, by the event of her 19th birthday.

The Plainville Times- May 24, 1928

Stearns & Streeter are hauling material to their location on the Slimmer land 4 miles south of Codell. The exact location of this test is the Northwest Quarter of 2-11-17 Ellis Co, a ½ mile south of the Rooks Co line.

The Plainville Times – June 7, 1928

Stearns & Streeter are building their rig on the Slimmer land, 4 ½ miles south of Codell and will be ready to spud in a few days.

The Plainville Times – June 21, 1928

Stearns & Streeter are rigging up on the Slimmer Farm 5 miles south of Codell, and will be ready to sped as soon as the spur from the power line is completed.

The Plainville Times – July 19, 1928 –Front Page

A new test by the Phillips Petroleum Co will be spudded in a day or two on the Shutts land in the NE Quarter of Section 5-12-17 Ellis Co. This is about 4 miles south of the Old Bemis test.

The Plainville Times –Front Page – July 26, 1928

Phillips Petroleum Co spudded their well on the Shutts land last Tuesday. This is midway between Plainville and Hays and about 2 miles east. The location is in the NE Quarter of section five twelve seventeen, Ellis County. The location is about 4 miles south of the old Bemis test.

Stearns & Streeter drilling the test on the Slimmer land 5 miles south of Codell have been shut down part time this week on account of a defective motor and have not made much hole. Bottom now is near 700’.

The Plainville Times – August 16, 1928

Stearns & Streeter, on the Slimmer land 4 ½ miles south of Codell are drilling ahead at 1850’.

Phillips Petroleum Co on the Shutts land, south of the Old Bemis test are drilling at 800’. This well is in the NE Quarter of section 5-12-17, Ellis County.

The Plainville Times – August 23, 1928

The Slimmer test, being drilled by Stearns-Streeter Co are drilling ahead at 2150’.

The Plainville Times – August 30, 1928

The Slimmer test 4 ½ miles south of Codell is making good time. The 10 inch pipe has been run to 2365 and they are now drilling ahead at 2400’.

The Plainville Times – September 13, 1928

Stearns & Streeter Co drilling the Slimmer test about 12 miles SE of Plainville in the edge of Ellis Co are drilling at 2700’.

The Plainville Times – October 4, 1928

David Sites died September 28, came to Kansas in 1878, settled the Saline River Valley, 44 years old.

Stearns- Streeter on the Slimmer land 4 ½ miles south of Codell have shut down on top of the Oswald lime at 3504 where they have set the six inch pipe. This will be drilled in after the return of the operators from a hunting trip in Wyoming.

The Plainville Times – October 11, 1928

The Slimmer test is shut down on top of the Oswald at 3050 and is running higher than the Matheson well. As soon as title requirements are met, drilling into the Oswald will begin.

The Plainville Times – October 18, 1928

South of Codell 4 ½ miles Stearns and Streeter started to drill in their Slimmer # 1 at midnight. The top of the Oswald in this test is 3054, elevation 1852.

Phillips Petroleum Company on the Shutts land in Ellis County, 4 ½ miles south of the Old Bemis test are drilling at 3000’.

The Plainville Times – October 25, 1928

The Slimmer test is better than 100’ in the Oswald without a showing. Today they are underreaming the 6” pipe at a little less than 3200.

The Plainville Times – November 1, 1928

Stearns and Streeter on the Slimmer land hit the ocean at 3400 and pipe will be pulled and abandoned. Only good showings were encountered in this test, the best at about 3200’.

The Plainville Times – November 8, 1928 (Codell News)

Hadley Brothers on the Saline River shipped in 5 carloads of stock cattle from Kansas City last week for their ranch.

Born to Mr & Mrs Clarence Simpson, early Saturday morning November 3, a fine big boy, Mrs WA Barry is taking care of Mother and babe.

John Carmichael of Turkville neighborhood was in Codell, Saturday, despite muddy roads.

The Plainville Times – November 15, 1928

Last Friday after the Shutts well had been given up by oilmen, the bit struck a new pool of oil. This well is owned and operated by the Phillips Petroleum Co. The acreage was assembled by Haworth and Howard, while the geology was run by Huntsman Haworth, a son of former state geologist, Erasmus Haworth. The well was put on the swab last evening, and this morning Mr. Haworth phoned Dr. Andreson the well was making about 12 barrels per hour. This should settle down to a least 150 barrels, steady production. The Shutts well is in the Center of the NE ¼ section 5-12-17, Ellis County and is 13 miles south and 4 ½ east of Plainville. The oil in this well is from a horizon below the Oswald lime and the exact depth is 3695, the gravity of this new oil is lower than the Oswald pool and even lower than the Gorham oil and this may be an entirely new pool from a different source. A new location is already announced in section 20-12-17, three miles south of the new well. This new list, is on acreage owned by Phillips Petroleum Co.

The Slimmer well south of Codell and about 5 miles northeast of the Shutts well, will not be abandoned yet, but will go deeper in hopes of hitting another producing horizon.

(Codell News) It was reported in Codell, Saturday that oil was struck in the Shutts well about 17 miles sw of Codell in paying quantity, which must be so, as two large supply tanks were taken through Codell Monday for this well.

Mrs. Bollig who has been in the Hays Catholic Hospital for several weeks, was brought home Thursday. Mr. & Mrs. Bolig live on the Wm Hall ranch south of Codell.

The Plainville Times – November 22, 1928

Only one test has been made on the Shutts well, which was reported last week. The well made 72 barrels in a six hour test. Mr. Turck, assistant superintendent of production for the Phillips Petroleum Co said last night that as soon as sufficient tankage was elected, a 24 hour test would be made on this well. The Shutts well is about 13 miles south and 3 ½ miles east of Plainville. The pay in this well is from a sandy lime below the Oswald series.

Phillips Petroleum Co are building a rig today on the Joe Schmeidler land in the northwest corner of section 20-12-17. This is 3 miles south and ¾ west of the Shutts well.

Southwest of Natoma the Craig well being drilled by Tom Slict are at 3090, and if nothing is found in the Oswald, a deep test will be made, according to reports.

Special Article – Phillips Company Buying Royaltees – Other Companies Show Interest in “Strike” Although Bulk of Purchases are by Brokers for Straight Commercial Leases

Evidence that the Phillips Petroleum company had ever confidence in its Shutts well would meet expectations was given Monday when three miles due south of the producer were purchased from Haworth & Howard, the firm which assembled the block of acreage, for a consideration of $18,000. It was not until two days later, of course that the purchasers had the advantage of an actual test of their new well to back up their judgement. However, officials at Bartlesville, the company headquarters, basing their judgement on the rapidity with which the hole filled with oil after the strike was made, informed both the Beacon and Eagle of Wichita that in their opinion the new well would show production running from 300 to 500 barrels.

Big Sums for Royalities –

In the three days the Phillips company was active in buying royalties in its block, in excess of $35,000 was paid to landowners, the News learned from an authoritative source. Spectulators have flocked to Hays, of course, and checker-boarding has been the exciting game played since the news of the strike spread. With the promis of development here on a wide scale, blocks are in the process of being formed in all parts of the county and the “lease hound” who happens to own a block of 160 or possibly 640 or more acres, is in a position to “dictate terms” to any oil company that may be interested in a drilling project. Farmers as a whole are much more willing to talk business as regards leasing their land than they were a few years ago when the first “oil boom” hit western Kansas and crept up to the very door of Ellis County when oil was struck miles over the east county line in Russell County.

Makes Commercial Leases- Bankers say that $150,000 to $200,000 is a conservative estimate of the amount of money paid laid owners in this county since the strike was made less than a week ago. However, more than double this amount is expected to be paid out for leases and royalties within the next few days. Most of the investments are being made by speculators however, who require straight commercial leases apparently with the calculation of disposing of their holdings at a profit later on to operators who will drill wells. Theses brokers alone, however, are paying from $1 to $4 for every acre they lease.

The Derby Oil company has leased the Hall ranch comprising approximately 4,000 acres at $1.32 an acre. The C.A. Baumer section is reported to have sold for more than $12,000. This tract is more than a mile diagonally northeast of the new well. W.A. Bemis is reported to have received $18,000 for one-half his royalty on a tract adjoining the Shutts land on the east. William Shutts also is said to have sold one-half his royalty on one and one-half setions for $25. an acre. Both the two deals last mentioned were made before the well was put on the swab.

Plainville Times – Decemer 20, 1928

Union Valley – word comes to the community that Charles Baumer passed away at his home in Hays, Tuesday morning with the flu. He taught the Turkville School several years ago.

Plainville Times – January 17, 1929

The test on the Vine Ranch, being drilled by the Marland Oil Co, is being deepened. Orders have been received to go about 4000 feet. The 5 inch casing has been run and new hole will be made below 3800. This test now is below any producing horizon known in this part of the state, but here is hoping that a new pool will be found. The Marland Oil Co is one of the best companies in the Mid-Continent area to make a thorough test in all of its wildcat wells. The Vine well is about 5 miles south of the Casey test drilled by Findeiss and Associates in 1926 and is about 11 miles south of Zurich.

Five miles south of the Vine well, The Empire Oil and Gas Co are still trying to shut off the water at 3570 in order to test out a good oil showing in the Oswald lime. This test is on the Wann land is in the NE corner of section 21-12-19 Ellis Co. Ten miles further south in range nineteen The Derby Oil Co, are recementing a cave which prevents the testing out of a good oil showing at 3829.

In Ellis County, The Phillips Petroleum Co, have announced another location about two miles south of the Shutts well in the southeast of the southwest of Sec 8-12-17, about a mile north of their Schmeidler well now drilling. On further south Brown and Associates have shut down their Catherine test to clear up some titles.

North of the Shutts well the report is that a test will be drilled by the Burgher Oil Co in section 20-11-17 on the Hadley Brothers Ranch but this report has not been confirmed. This locations would be in the section to the southwest of the old Bemis well drilled in 1925 by The Syracuse Syndicate and is about three miles east and 10 miles south of Plainville.

Ellis County Farmer, Thursday, June 4, 1953; Blue Hill Items by Irma Jule Oswald

Chris Gableman, John Nielson, Fred Madsen and Bob Tichenor Jr. attended the sprinkling demonstration at the Wayne Slimmer farm this week.

Plainville Times, Thursday, April 19, 2007, Remember When, Page 20

50 years ago - The Plainville rural fire department was called to the Hill Top Cafe in the Turkville community shortly after noon Tuesday.  Considerable damage to the living quarters resulted from a fire started from an overheated stove.  The fire had been extinguished before the fire truck arrived.